Essay on Career in Business and Marketing

Business and marketing are two of the most popular career destinations for graduates. There are various reasons why business and marketing careers are appealing to graduates. Marketing enables individuals and organizations to find consumers for their products while firms use business ideas to formulate strategies for growth and expansion. Therefore, it is important for learners to ensure that they make the right choices when it comes to making career choices. For one to have a successful career in business and marketing, it is important to demonstrate high analytical skills, perseverance, leadership, team spirit, good communication skills, and high adaptive capabilities.
Analytical skills are important in marketing and business career for several reasons. First, modern business people and marketers need have critical thinking capabilities as well as possess evaluation skills to enable them perform their day to day duties. In particulars, marketers must possess skills to analyze trends in the industry to enable them make marketing decisions. Second, business owners need to analyze their environment and take advantage of any opportunities that may arise. Therefore, students aspiring to pursue a career in marketing and business must ensure that they improve their analytical capabilities.
In addition to being analytical, marketing and business students must have high adaptive capabilities. Studies reveal that the business environment is highly volatile and keep on evolving. Therefore, for one to succeed in such environments, he or she must have the capability to adapt to new circumstances. For example, marketing students must know that customers’ tastes and preferences keep on evolving. However, by being adaptive, marketers can always change with the times and keep up with the evolving customers’ demands. Similarly, modern businesses operate in volatile environments, thus they need to constantly evolve to remain relevant. Therefore, business and marketing students need to demonstrate adaptive features for them to succeed in the career.
For one to become a successful business and marketing student, it is also important to have an insatiable desire to learn. One certain thing in marketing and business is that the only constant is change. For example, the means of communication in the business world keeps on changing due to the rapid emergence of technological platforms such as the social media and the internet. More importantly, a career in business and marketing entails lifelong commitment to learning and exploration of new skills. Therefore, students must always be ready to exploit learning opportunities such as refresher courses, online tutorials, and workshops.
Business and marketing students also need to improve their communication skills if they want to establish successful careers in the profession. In fact, communication is the bedrock of business and marketing because of the increased need for interaction between numerous stakeholders. However, communication does not only mean verbal interactions. Instead, communication may also entail exceptional writing skills and non-verbal language. Thus, business people and marketers will need to perform all manner of communication, including face-to-face, telephone, and written interchanges with clients and other stakeholders. For students to have successful marketing and business careers, they must be willing to become exceptional communicators.
Marketing and business professionals also need to have strategic thinking skills. Studies have revealed that the ability to think strategically is one of the core attributes of successful business leaders and marketers. Companies seeking a marketing plan will most likely consider concepts that align themselves with the overall business strategy. Therefore, marketing and business professionals need to demonstrate a keen understanding of current market trends and also have the capability of developing a tailored plan. At the same time, professional marketers must consider the overall strategic direction of the business. By thinking strategically, marketers are able to forecast potential issues and establish measures to mitigate the adverse impacts of uncertainties.
Different individuals have different personalities, but marketing and business professionals must make conscious efforts to be engaging and innovative. Within a typical environment, people expect marketers and business practitioners to present themselves with confidence. Moreover, business and marketing professionals must provide the impression that they are on top of their game. With a vibrant personality, marketing and business professionals are able to convince various stakeholders such as clients and shareholders that their ideas represent value for money. Research studies have also indicated that investors are more confident in investing in businesses that led by vibrant personalities.
More importantly, a career in business and marketing entails a great deal of commitment. Individuals who possess high perseverance capabilities are likely to succeed in business than those whose have relatively low levels of perseverance. Therefore, students must have the necessary quality to deal with disappointments and upsets that permeate the business world. For example, clients routinely reject products and businesses constantly face highly challenging environments. As a result, aspiring students of business and marketing profession need to cultivate a great deal of perseverance in order to succeed.
Due to the volatile nature of the organizational environment, business and marketing professionals must demonstrate high leadership capabilities. Therefore, students of business and marketing must know that they will need to provide inspiration to their organizations, particularly during times of challenges. Moreover, they must be ready to take responsibility when things are not going according to plan. For example, for one to have a successful career in business and marketing, he or she must be willing to take responsibility. Research studies reveal that businesses in which leaders fail to take responsibility have more potential for failure than those in which managers take an active role in solving issues.
Business and marketing professionals must also demonstrate the ability to work in teams. Some aspects of organizations function best in team environments. For example, marketers need to work in teams in order to harness the synergies of the diverse team members. Similarly, various departments within organizations operate in teams in order to achieve their objectives. In most organizations, there are projects teams whose main objective is to complete certain tasks within the allocated time. In such cases, team dynamics are important in goal attainment. Therefore, for one to have a successful career in business or marketing, he or she must be a team player. It is only under rare circumstances that individuals never require teams at some point.
In conclusion, students pursuing a career in marketing and business must demonstrate certain attributes that are consistent with the business environment. Most of these attributes will enable the students to adapt well in the real business world. In fact, empirical research studies have indicated that some of the attributes are integral in the success of businesses. To succeed in business and marketing, students must possess certain attributes. Some of these attributes include strong analytical skills, good communication skills, leadership capabilities, teamwork, commitment, and ability to think strategically